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European Press Prize

With our annual awards, we salute, celebrate and encourage journalism of the highest quality wherever it can be found on our continent.

This year, we’re giving out Awards in 5 categories:

  • Distinguished Reporting: for telling a story in the best possible way
  • Investigative Reporting: for courageous reporting that leads to the discovery and revealing of facts that would otherwise remain hidden
  • Innovation: for journalistic projects that seek to break new ground online or off
  • Public Discourse: for work that goes beyond the immediate job of reporting and analyzing the news, recognizing the capacity of journalism to instigate debate, affect our thoughts, and enrich the public discourse
  • Migration Journalism: for stories that highlight the social, economic, and cultural contributions of migrants to their countries of origin and destination

Please pass this call for entries along to the journalists in your network and encourage them to apply. Nominated projects go on to serve as a popular example of excellent and impactful journalism for many years to come, and winners receive a 10,000 euro cash prize.

On behalf of the entire team,

Jennifer Athanasiou-Prins
Contracts & Partner Lead

European Press Prize

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